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Jan. 2nd, 2012 | 05:23 pm
mood: numb numb
music: aloha from hell - i'm falling

so, tomorrow is the first day of school after winter break. i don't feel like going back. :/ school just isn't as fun as it was last year. but last year also got me into a lot of trouble. tomorrow i'm also gonna go get my learners permit. (finally) so i can learn to drive! :) i have a free car as soon as my mom's friend gets a new one, so that's all good. only thing is, it's a stick shift, so i'll have to learn to drive that. i'm kinda nervous, but hey, it's a free freaking car. 

i feel... kinda numb right now. not really sure why. i have this empty, nervous feeling in my stomach. i think i'll go take a warm bath or something later. lately i've been feeling off. my new meds make me not want to eat, or sleep very much, but i'm so tired today. it's ridiculous. i took a nap earlier and then i fell asleep on the couch again later on for a couple hours. 

i miss my boyfriend. he got me a giant stuffed puppy for christmas. :) it's so cute and fluffy. i named it tacos. i saw my boyfriend a lot the past couple of weeks. but i still miss him a lot. i sleep better when i'm with him and i feel happy and safe with him.

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